Royal Bank of Scotland Foreign Exchange Rates

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Royal Bank of Scotland Foreign Exchange Rates?

Royal Bank of Scotland Foreign Exchange Rates where the Royal Bank of Scotland website does not offer live currency exchange rates. But instead, the rates updated daily and only give you an indication of you may be expected to get. You need to visit your branch for details of exchange rates at the time of making the transaction. Royal Bank of Scotland bank offers two types of currency rates for it's existing customers.

RBS Personal Exchange Rates.

There is the retail currency exchange rate which is available to all Royal Bank of Scotland customers wishing to send personal funds abroad. All exchange rates shown exclude any commission or other associated charges which may apply.

RBS Commercial Exchange Rates.

Commercial currency exchange rates offered to any UK business with annual turnover of £1 million to £25 million. Whereas a business you will get a better currency rate when you have a Royal Bank of Scotland business account. All exchange rates offered to exclude any commission or other associated charges which may be charged.

Royal Bank of Scotland Foreign Exchange Rates

Using Royal Bank of Scotland Bank? If you looking to send currency abroad for any reason then you may find using Royal Bank of Scotland branch staff inexperienced as this not the core part of their training or business. Plus they can be expensive based on transfer charges and obtaining the best exchange rate unless you prepared to haggle with the banking staff and may have to take proof they are not offering you the best exchange rate. There no guarantees that they will match or beat competitive rates offered.

When it comes to making foreign transactions, RBS bank exchange rates offer a full range of services. From straightforward currency exchange to complete risk management solutions. Meeting the simplest or most complex customer needs.

Hence, RBS foreign exchange (FX) hedging tools to help reduce the risks associated with foreign currency fluctuations. So, RBS solutions give customers greater certainty over their future cash flows, enabling them to plan for the future with increased confidence.

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