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Paydaq Ltd Money Transfer Review is fully authorised and regulated as a money transmission business. have been trading since 2006 and operate their business from Dublin Ireland.
No longer trading as Paydaq was trading since 2006 from what we can find out and operate their business from Dublin Ireland.

What makes Paydaq money transfers Stand out?
A PAYDAQ account management system is completely online allowing individuals and businesses to open an account and allows you to send money throughout their network.
From your PAYDAQ account, you can transfer funds online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year plus you manage all your account details, giving you full control at all times.

Paydaq Limited

PAYDAQ Fees and Charges?
Based on the above charges they seem to offer an alternative to using Western Union

Paydaq seem to be a small money transfer company in Dublin Ireland where so far we have not found anyone who has had any problems with them if you have used them writes a review and let us know.

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