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If you are a Lloyds TSB Bank Exchange Rates customer then you have the ability to send money overseas if you need help. Whether you need to send money to Europe or elsewhere like the USA, you can rely on us for an international payments service that’s safe and easy to use.

Are Lloyds TSB Foreign Exchange Secure?

Are Lloyds TSB Foreign Exchange Easy to use?

- You can talk to one of our expert advisors over the phone from 8am to 8pm, and make a request to send an international payment 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
- You can also arrange payments at any of our 1,900 branches.
- Because you have an account with us, giving an instruction will be fast and simple.
- We’ll store details of any payment you make, making it even easier if you need to send money to the same person again.

Are Lloyds TSB Foreign Exchange Competitive?

- Our exchange rates and fees are some of the best on the high street.

How much money are you sending using Lloyds Bank Exchange Rates?

The Lloyds TSB fee you will pay depends on the amount of money you send:

What Exchange rate will I get from Lloyds Bank Exchange Rates?
Lloyds Bank Exchange Rates recommend you make the payment in the currency of the country you are sending it to.

If you send foreign currency they will tell you the Lloyds TSB exchange rate at the time you give us your instruction. This means you’ll know exactly how much money is being sent and exactly what money is leaving your account.

If, due to cut-off times, Lloyds TSB can’t process your payment until the next working day the same exchange rate you were told will apply.

Using Lloyds Bank Exchange Rates and you are sending sterling, you won’t know what exchange rate is going to be used by the receiving bank when the money arrives or exactly how much money the person you are paying will get.

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