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Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard is a new prepaid card by Vincento Payment Solutions. The Kalixa card is a pay as you go MasterCard which you first preload funds on to the account. Once you have loaded funds you can only spend what you have.

The Kalixa card is only £4.95 making it one of the cheaper prepaid cards to get and with minimal charges. Due to this Kalixa has become an instant success where many people have changed existing prepaid cards to the Kalixa card.

Fees and charges.

As the prepaid card is a pay as you go MasterCard there are no monthly fees attached to your account. In addition there are no transaction charges making it ideal to use online. You could save money by sending money abroad to loveones by getting two Kalixa prepaid cards and sending the additional card to the loveone. Once they get their card you can then activate it and they can share the funds on your account.

One of the things I like about the Kalixa prepaid MasterCard is that you have a maximum limit of £9000 which is a lot higher than other prepaid card set between £3000 to £5000. Kalixa Payments Group Limited Review

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