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International Foreign Exchange Limited also known as IFX is a foreign exchange company based in London. The company specialises in foreign currency dealings and also provides high-quality service aimed at customer satisfaction. The company provides these services at a much lesser cost than traditional high street banks, as result of which it is gaining popularity amongst regular users of financial services.

IFX provides its customers with a dedicated account manager who is instrumental in providing currency advice. Due to the availability of such expert opinion, customers tend to go for services provided by International Foreign Exchange Limited. Moreover, the company also provides consistent lower margins compared to the rates offered by banks.

Hence customers consider using International Foreign Exchange brokers for such services. Also, the company provides free no-obligation quotes to its customers and free daily market updates through e-mails to stay in control. International Foreign Exchange Limited offers incredible exchange rates without charging any commission or service charges.

International Foreign Exchange Limited

The rates offered by IFX are up to 5 percent better than those offered by banks. The company also provides its customers with the ability to fix rates up to one year ahead making it easier to deal in foreign exchange. The International Foreign Exchange Limited transfers are fast. Free of charge and instantly done, making the whole process of currency transfer easy and really fast. It also provides forward contracts and free transfers.

Payments can be done online, making the whole system easily accessible from one’s house. Hence the whole system of financial services provided by International Foreign Exchange Ltdis one which not only provides reasonable rates of interests but also is instrumental in providing services which make the whole process customer friendly. International Foreign Exchange Limited trading is a registered company in UK and Wales. It also authorised by the Financial Services Authority, making it a reputed organisation.

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International Foreign Exchange

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International Foreign Exchange are located at:
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