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International Currency Exchange Plc also was known as ICE is one of the largest travel money. And travel money card suppliers in the UK. Not only due to the success of their own products. But they also provide white label solutions for many companies looking to offer their customers travel money services.

International Currency Exchange Plc offer you a flexible service where you can buy your travel money card. And travel money all at one place giving you the option to split your purchase. This is a good way to test out a travel money card. As if you have doubts then you still have your travel currency. International Currency Exchange also offers a competitive exchange rate saving you more than six percent. When buying with International Currency Exchange rather than buying at the airport bureaux de change.

International Currency Exchange Plc

With International Currency Exchange Plc you have a choice of 3 travel money cards. An International Currency Exchange euro card to use in Europe. An ICE Dollar card to use in America or the ICE travellers cash card which used worldwide. So whats the difference between the cards? Well, the main difference the travel money cards preloaded with your currency. So as long as you use the card in the same currency you benefit from hardly any charges at all. Use it in another currency and you hit with conversion charges or a flat fee.

The International Currency Exchange Plc travel money cards used like any normal debit card or credit card. The only difference they not attached to your bank account. Or offer any credit facility so you can only spend what you have loaded on to the card.

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