Gap Year Currency Exchange Card Review

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The Gap Year card is NOT a travel money card but a prepaid card, which is a shame as the name of the company suggests its for travel purposes. This mainly due to their charges which put off many consumers as you are charged a monthly fee.

To get your Gap Year card its £9.99 which is the application fee. Unlike other card providers where there a minimum of a £10 load which added to your card balance.

The biggest cost is the monthly fee at £4.95 unless you plan to use your card on a regular basis. Any funds you load on to your account will slowly be drained away.

Finally, the biggest problem with Gap Year card you charged everytime you use your card abroad at 2.99%. Foreign transaction fee as % of the amount withdrawn/spent. Making this the most expensive travel money card to use.

If you not in a rush to exchange your money immediately?  Making an International Payment online is simple than using the High Street bank. Hence Just register with Gap Year Currency Exchange Card online. Then log into your GapYear Currency Exchange Card account to begin.

Gap Year Money Transfer Review

Here’s how it works:

  1. So, Register online using GapYear Money Transfer Card.  So, Sign up online. It takes just a few moments and could save you a great deal.

  2. Log into your account. - Then When logged in, use the currency converter and begin your online order

  3. Therefore, The details: The forms will ask who you wish to pay.

  4. Make a payment online: - Either pay online with a card. Or send the agreed amount of money to Gap Year Money Transfer Card along with your reference number

  5. So, They send your money  - When they receive your money, GapYear Money Transfer Card exchange it, and send it on to you.

  6. Hence, You can track online - Using your login, track your payment online.

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