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Why use a broker instead of a bank

FTT Currency Services helps people to exchange currencies and hence, making international transactions easier. One can register himself in few moments, book a foreign currency transfer or even lock a rate for future instantaneously. One just needs to enter where and when the money is to be sent. Security is assured and all funds are guaranteed up to the amount of 1M £.

The benefits of using FTT Currency are :

  1. Open an account instantly.

  2. Live market prices online.

  3. Access to a dedicated dealer.

  4. Online or phone execution.

  5. Each transaction is underwritten up to £1M.

  6. Forward Exchange Contracts.

  7. Limit Orders (Set a target rate).

  8. 24 x 7 including weekends.

  9. The friendly UK based support team.

FTT Currency Services

The FTT currency allows you to exchange currencies in the market at leading exchange rates. It shall also gladly transfer you purchased amount to any bank account of yours, anywhere in the world. Also, FTT has a developed smart technology to reduce the cost of the currencies and they pass on these costs to the customers for their benefits!

So, Some foreign exchange in the world appoints a highly expensive staff to deal with customers which increase their costs which they pass on to the customers. However, this is not so with FTT. With excellent service, it also provides best rates. Also, Unlike banks who charge high fees and provide poor rates which makes their pockets heavy at the expense of their clients.

Global Limited Reviews

Hence, FTT currency is open 24x7 for online trading. Telephone-based trading is available from 9 am to 5 pm (BST). So, Any individual can open an account with FTT currency. The applicant just needs to click “open account” on any FTT pages and enter some information as asked for. Hence, Within 5mins the account opened. However, anti-laundering money procedures very stringent in FTT Currency under Global Limited guidelines.

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