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Freedom Card is a cash card offering several flexible tariffs to choose from, making it a highly accessible and easy to get card. The Freedom Instant Cash card is highly popular amongst clients. The acceptance rate is 100 percent. Moreover no credit checks are done when one is applying for Freedom instant Cash card. No Identification is required to apply for a Freedom Instant Cash Card. The maximum load limit on the card is that of 650 pounds. The card is fully upgradable to provide a higher limit. The card has been known to be used at 28 million locations worldwide. The card will be dispatched to the client on the day of the approval of the application.

Another type of Card offered by Freedom is the Freedom Cash Card. Application for Freedom Cash card is also very simple. The application does not require a credit check. It also does not require the applicant to be an account holder, be it Personalised or Embossed. The maximum amount that can be loaded in the card is 3000 pounds. The validity period is of three years and only a Basic form of Identification is required to apply for the card. Freedom Cash card is also used at over 28 million locations worldwide. A free companion card is also offered with Freedom Cash Card.

Both the Freedom Card packages cost 9.99 pounds. Clients are opting for Freedom Cards as personalised cards are offering better values due to the credit booster and payment protection plans. These plans offer secured usage of the card and the credit booster facility helps the client to increase his or her credit rating. Freedom Cards are considered as long term prepaid cards in the financial market. They are always looking forward to the extra services they can offer to their customers.

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