FairFX Currency Exchange Services Reviews

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FairFX Money Transfers Services reviewed With consumers buying currency every year. How do you avoid high airport rates and retailers claiming to offer the best travel money prices by stating no commission charges? But in truth, it's not all about no commission charges it about the currency exchange rate you offered.

The FairFX Anywhere Card is working out that you save more than six percent. When buying currency on your card rather than buying at the airport bureaux de change.

With FairFX you have a choice of 3 travel money cards, a euro card to use in Europe. A Dollar card to use in America or the Anywhere card which used worldwide. So whats the difference between the cards? Well, the main difference the travel money cards preloaded with your currency. So as long as you use the card in the same currency you benefit from hardly any charges at all. Use it in another currency and you hit with conversion charges or a flat fee.

FairFX Money Transfers Services

The FairFX travel money cards can be used like any normal debit card or credit card. The only difference they not attached to your bank account. Or offer any credit facility so you can only spend what you have loaded on to the card.

FairFX becoming one of the largest brokers travel money suppliers this increased dramatically. Due to the banking collapse hit customer confidence. Where FairFX increased by nearly 60 percent more card sales by customers last month than December.

FairFX Currency Exchange Services Reviews

So how can FairFX offer cheaper rates?

Fair FX overheads smaller compared to most banks and airport exchanges as they only have 15 staff which transfer into better rates.

An example offering 1.12 euros to the pound compared with 1.05 at Travelex in Heathrow Terminal 5.

FairFX a surge in popularity also comes amid fears of volatility in the currency markets. The pound is hovering at $1.40 but could slump to $1.30 by August - meaning holidaymakers would gain £50 extra by buying £500 of dollars now.

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