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Currency Solutions Reviewed and more information about Currency Solutions Brokers

So, Currency Solutions offer a wide range of foreign exchange services for personal and businesses looking for currency exchange. Hence, Currency Solutions are a money transfer specialist business providing competitive exchange rates, with fast currency transfers and no exorbitant fees. Also, Currency Solutions are ideal for one-off or regular transfers, making it simple and easy, so you can save time and money.

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Why use Currency Solutions foreign exchange broker?

Currency Solutions Review

Currency Solutions is authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Reference Number: 521130. Registered Company Number 4864491 Currency Solutions HMRC Money Laundering registration Number 12162570

When transferring money, we understand security is everything. Over the last 12 years, we’ve helped over 140,000 people transfer funds securely all over the world.

Our Forward Contracts allow you to buy or sell one currency against another at a fixed rate for settlement at a later date (typically between 3 days to 2 years). Forward Contracts are generally used by individuals who would like to fix the exchange rate for a future date. This allows you to manage your exposure to any unfavourable currency movements and protect those hard earned savings!

The significant benefits of Forwarding Contracts are:

So A simple way of managing future currency exchange risk and negating any unfavourable movements in exchange rates.

The ability to fix an exchange rate now for the delivery of currency in the future. This means that you know what you will have to pay on a future date.

If you are not sure of the exact date that you will need the funds, you will still be able to specify a special delivery period. This means you will be able to draw down on the funds within an agreed period of time.

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