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Chequepoint is a company which started in 1974 and has gradually grown into a renowned. And reputed organization providing services such as Foreign Exchange and Remittance.

Hence, Chequepoint has covered a major part of UK in providing satisfactory services to its clients. So, Cheque Point is one of the few organisations which provide the Remittance service to its clients.

The Remittance service provided by Cheque Point allows the client to send money worldwide or pay corporate and business invoices through Chequepoint transfer service. Cheque Point has around 30,000 locations in over 70 countries, making it one of the better known foreign exchange companies. One does not need to tell that the company has a reputation of its own which has contributed to it becoming such a large organization.

All the bureaus of Chequepoint offer foreign exchange services. The Cheque Point London bureaus are located strategically at some very convenient high street locations in some very popular tourist destinations. London, Madrid, Prague, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Budapest are some of the places where Cheque Point has their bureaus located in London.


These locations are highly convenient as these are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And it is very helpful for the tourists if they have a trusted organisation like Chequepoint Foreign Exchange Services. Within their reach, as they might want to withdraw or transfer funds internationally.

Though Chequepoint ltd offers foreign exchange services, the rates of exchange will not be as competitive or updated in all the bureau locations. Cheque Point recommends that customers ring up the branch they supposed to visit. And enquire whether the branch has sufficient amount of currency which the client will be changing into or transferring. Hence, Chequepoint Foreign Exchange Services has been known for their services which are fast and hassle-free. Also, Cheque Point Foreign Exchange Services takes a maximum of two days to transfer currency abroad. So, that too if the currency is out of stock.

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