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Casco FX Review, Also known as Casco Financial Services Limited is a Payments Institution with offices in the city of London and up North. Hence, completely supports the Foreign Exchange requirements of our clients by leveraging technology, product and client support. These enhancements, in turn, reduce risk against volatile currency markets, reduce cost and increase fund transparency for our clients.

CascoFX Corporate clients enjoy working with us because Casco FX is clear. Also, secure and delivery focused, which allows them to be profitable, audit-ready and knowledgeable.

Each client supported by a team of experienced payment professionals. This team includes an Account Manager, who expertly handles your transaction flow and a Relationship Manager, who ensures your strategic aims and ambitions met. Additionally Casco FX have other, UK based offices with specialists ready to help with any extraordinary requests. Your account team are all UK based and available to you on a direct dial basis and not through a call centre.

Casco Financial uses a 4-step process in analysing potential clients’ current situations. This is unique to our organisation and CascoFX will always find opportunities for our clients to improve their processes.

Casco FX expertise is in uncovering and highlighting gaps between where you currently are and where you would like to be. Some of these areas could be poor exchange rates from your bank or broker or slow transfer times. Casco Financial are very competitive and fair with their exchange rates and all funds are sent on a SAME DAY transfer basis.

Casco FX Review

There is also no wire fees payable on transfers over £5000.00.

Casco Financial Services Limited Security.
Casco Financial carry insurances to cover any eventuality ensuring that our clients’ funds always protected.

In addition, Casco Financial have segregated client accounts not only in GBP but in over twenty other currencies ensuring our clients’ funds always protected.

Casco Financial Services Limited Solutions.
CascoFX solutions include electronic, cheque or draft delivery. Foreign Exchange Management including strategic hedging. Market orders, Budget level alerts and Forward Contracts.

Many businesses do not have the required tools to manage their foreign exchange requirements successfully. These may include time-sensitive payments being sent to overseas suppliers, receipt of the currency against international sales. In addition the subsequent budget and risk support that partner this trade. Casco FX capabilities within these areas make our solutions unique and truly valuable to a wide range of clients and industries.

CascoFX products are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client which provides flexibility, security and outstanding service.

Casco Financial Services Limited

Casco FX Spot Transactions - are the most common choice for making your day to day payments. With our integrated banking and accounting platform. They ensure your transactions timed with the greatest of priority and reach their destination promptly. All transfers made on the solidity of security giving peace of mind to CascoFX clients. This being of the utmost importance to Casco Financial.

Casco FX Limit Orders - The majority of people do not have the time in their busy schedules to monitor the FX markets. So you can place a ‘limit order’ with your Account Manager and they will do the legwork for you. The method allows you to place an order to buy or sell currency when the rate of exchange hits a level specified by you. Casco FX system will automatically book your required currency and will then proceed to make the payment.

Casco FX Forward Contracts - For any importer or exporter involved in regular overseas payments or receivables. Also, forward contracts can be a useful tool in the battle against uncertainty. A forward contract allows you to book an amount of currency at an agreed exchange rate fixed for a certain period of time. So, During this time you will have the ability to draw down some or all of these funds at this agreed exchange rate.

Consequently, Don’t let banks and third-party FX providers pass costs on to you. Work with a specialist who can add real value to your international trade process.

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