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Barclays Bank Exchange Rates

Barclays is a reputed and trusted foreign exchange provider which is highly renowned for its services. The website of Barclays does not offer live currency exchange rates. Instead of that the rates are updated daily, which give the clients and indication what they might expect to get as foreign exchange rates.

One needs to be an existing Barclay’s customer in order to do a money transfer. All one needs to do is to visit the nearest Barclays Bank Exchange Rates branch for further details on currency exchange rates when intended to make a currency transaction. Barclays is known for buying and selling more than 60 different types of foreign currency.

In Barclays Bank Exchange Rates the client can also choose between spot deals and forward contracts or protect themselves against adverse exchange rate movements.

Barclays Foreign Exchange Rates

Barclays Foreign Exchange Rates offer a retail currency exchange rate to all existing customers who need to transfer currency abroad. All the exchange rates displayed at Barclays Foreign Exchange are excluded of any commission or associated charges which might be applicable when transferring currency at a local branch. Barclays offers commercial exchange rates to existing customers depending on the turnover of their business. They offer a range of tariff specially structured for business customers. The range of the rate depends on a turnover of less than 1 million to more than 1 million.

Barclays Foreign Exchange are instrumental in regularly updating and reviewing their charges so that they remain competitive when compared to other banks but not compared to currency brokers. Depending on whether one is sending money abroad for personal reasons or for business reasons, he or she should choose foreign exchange and currency transfer options. Transfer charges, receiving bank charges should also be thought about before an option is chosen. Barclays Foreign Exchange have been providing satisfactory services for years and will be continuing to do so in future.

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