Bank of Cyprus Money Transfer

Why use a broker instead of a bank

Bank of Cyprus Money Transfer

Payments and international money transfers with The Bank of Cyprus.

What you should know about The Bank of Cyprus Exchange Rates

If you want to receive or make payments for your business in Cyprus or abroad, The Bank of Cyprus exchange rates have the best solution for your needs:

 1. Money transfers in any currency to your own account
 2. Payments to third parties (in euros or other currencies)

 - To customers with accounts with the Bank of Cyprus
 - To other local banks
 - Abroad

The above payments can be carried out with immediate or future execution date.
If you make payments (remittances through JCC / SEPA / SWIFT) to other local or foreign banks through the 1bank service, you will benefit from:

 - The Bank of Cyprus offer Reduced charges for the majority of remittances (regulated payments)
 - The Bank of Cyprus offer Automatic completion of the key details of the remittance as a result of automation
 - The Bank of Cyprus offer Creation of a ‘template’ for repeat remittances
 - The Bank of Cyprus keeping remittance records
 - The Bank of Cyprus offer Faster service and security

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