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Free business MOT currency check?  Are you really getting the best exchange rate from your existing currency exchange company? There is a large percentage of foreign exchange providers will widen the rate of exchange over time.

So they can increase their margin rates of profit and if you don't notice this will continue to happen and the greed will set in. Once the greed sets in the currency broker will then continue to push their luck to see what they can get away with and over time you could end up getting the same rate as your banks will offer.

Is your Currency Company Ripping you off?
That's why Compare money transfer created the MOT form for businesses and consumers that want to see if they really are getting the best rate of exchange. Using the form is free with no obligation to buy currency. The ability to ensure you and the business to see currency charged. We will call you and ask you a load of questions which at the end will be able to inform you if you are getting the best currency deal or not.

Free business MOT currency check

If your currency exchange company is being true to their word and you are getting the best rate available then stick with them, if not then we will ask a few more questions and give you a selection of foreign exchange brokers from an impartial view. From this, you can choose to take one up or look further, if at any time you need assistance then we are here to help.

How do I know if my currency company is offering me the best rates?
But it does not stop there. You can opt for Compare money transfer to monitor the rate of exchange for you. Where we liaise with the currency company once a month. We have indicators in place and do an audit to ensure these indicators are being catered to. If there is an issue we will conduct an investigation to find out what the issue. And resolve it or if in worst cases they are widening the exchange rate. We will notify you straight away and offer you an alternative. Where we will look at striking them off our supplier list.

How can Compare money transfer help?
Our currency monitoring service is available when you agree to terms and conditions. Where we act on your behalf to ensure you get the best rate of exchange. So no more worrying if this is the best deal for you, we help you from start to finish.

Compare Money Transfer currency mot service is simple to use. Just complete the Free business MOT currency check form. Once we get it we will give you a call, alternatively email us at

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