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Buy Scrap Metal? CMT Metals to pay for currency in order to buy & sell Scrap Metal and Copper & Copper Cathode.
CMT Metals is part of compare money transfer which has been trading for over 10 years. So buying and selling scrap metal such as copper and copper cathode. Our team comprises of over 40 years experience in the scrap metal business.

CMT Metals

Most of all, For the purposes of maintaining our USP the actual names of the suppliers remain anonymous. All relevant license applications are prepared and ready for execution.

CMT have long established relationships with the following continents:

CMT Customers

Consequently, CMT can obtain contracts with the following customers within the UK. Consequently, Our directors have agreed and identified the demand for copper with a genuine need for copper supply lasting a minimum of 18 months.
Sims Metals
EMR Metals
F .J Church & Sons
Total Waste Management Ltd
Metal & Waste Recycling
C F Booths

Our Team

Raffick Marday (Sales and Operations Director). And has been at the forefront of business operations in metals for over 20 years. His area of expertise lies firmly in scrap and recycled metals, transportation and security.

He has been responsible for the reverse marketing and rebranding of some of the countries largest players and ran operations for several large firms in recycled metal with a specific focus on copper. Also, He has been responsible for managing the business process for the acquisition, logistics and consequent sale of hundreds of thousands of tons of metal. Most of all, In every case, he has realized a substantial profit for his clients.

Paying for recycled metal

Peter Newman (Supply and Logistics Director) - Peter has been in the metal business for over 40 years with his expertise ranging from metals, security, and transportation. His main area of expertise is scrap metal. Furthermore, Peter has developed strong business relationships with the top supply lines in Europe, Africa, USA and Asia. As a result of his mandate to seek supply outside of the heavily controlled and closed UK market.

Furthermore, Having owned Newman Logistics Peter has always taken a vested interest in the supply process from start to finish with a very “Hands On” approach to planning and executing the logistics of each load. This hands-on approach ensures we have no room for error and consequently loss during the buying process. And, Peter also holds powerful allies within the Serbian government due to his tireless work supplying the United Nations Aid during the 1992-1995 conflict. These relationships afford our company a competitive edge in this market.

Jamie (Business Operations and Sales Director) - Jamie has a successful history in business development. Sales and running start-ups spanning over 20 years. Many of these years have been focused on client relations and investor relations ensuring a smooth and profitable outcome to the projects he participates in.

In addition, He has 5 years in trading metals and actually started life on the LME at 16 as a runner. Also, his expertise is with market price and market movement in the metal industry. He has known Raffick and Peter for many years and their current partnership has been a point of discussion for many years. Also, flexible lifestyle and experience in world travel coupled with his market knowledge will ensure this project is another one of success.

CMT Metals Investment Opportunity

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