Opening a Personal and Business Currency Trading Account

How can compare money transfer save you money

Opening a personal Currency Trading Account to get a better handle on your money transfer requirements? plus access to specialists in money transfers?

  1. Register with Currency exchange specialist
    Registration is simple and there is no obligation to buy currency from Currency exchange company. Just complete the quick quote form to get a call from a Personal or Corporate dealer.

  2. Buying your currency online.
    Once you get a call your personal Currency Specialist will help you make a decision about when and how to buy your currency in order to secure you the best rate by minimising your currency risk. If you wish to trade, you can simply book it verbally with us over the phone.

  3. Make Payment
    Payment to Currency exchange company made by bank transfer or debit card. Once the currency has been booked, we will fax or email a confirmation receipt and payment instructions to you.

The confirmation receipt acknowledges the amount of currency bought and the exchange rate achieved. In addition, you should use the confirmation receipt to give Currency exchange company the details of the beneficiary account to which you would like your funds sent.

Opening a Personal Currency Account

  1. For currency transfers
    You will receive from Currency exchange company a payment form. So, which used to instruct your bank to send the payment to our client account. Either in full for spot trades - or part settlement for forwarding contracts.

  2. For regular currency transfers
    You will receive from Currency exchange company a standing order form. Which is used to instruct your bank to make monthly payments to our client account?

On receipt of your funds. Currency exchange company will transfer your required currency into your beneficiary account according to your instructions. Currency exchange company will inform you immediately when the transfer is made.

open a business money transfer account with FCA regulated currency companies only. Compare money transfer only show companies approved and working towards the New FCA regulations. We do not show all foreign exchange providers and there are several other companies that operate to the same standard. But we have worked with these companies for many years and the money transfer companies listed exceed customer service requirements.

Only FCA regulated money transfer companies listed.

Open a Business Currency Trading Account

Why is it important to be FCA approved?
Money transfer companies mostly charge a percentage of your transfer, so are particularly advantageous for smaller sums. In addition, These companies are also one of the quickest and most cost-efficient ways to move money around internationally.

But if your foreign exchange provider does not have a client account. When effectively your money held in their bank account and your money at risk. Over the past several years small money transfer companies have gone into receivership and sadly peoples hard earned money has been lost.

Why use Compare Money Transfer?
There are a number of websites which tell you can send your cash across the world for a fraction of the price of a bank transfer, this is not always the case and should look into the exchange rate and charges they are offering for this service. Over the next two years, the money transfer companies are having a major shakeup due to the FCA. The FCA now going to regulate foreign exchange providers.

By the FCA regulating money transfer providers part of the process. To ensure your money safe at all times so if the company runs into financial difficulty your money not affected. Compare Money Transfer confirms that all providers listed on our site operate a separate client account.

Specialist currency brokers
Consequently, If you need to send large sums of money abroad you should use a specialist foreign exchange broker, which will offer far more competitive rates than your bank. Torfx, for example, handles transfers from as little as £300. And will confirm the rate over the phone and has a competitive rate of exchange in comparison to other brokers, or your bank. Specialist brokers can also offer services if you are buying a house abroad.

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