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The Foreign Exchange Professionals Association. FXPA is based in Washington and represents the collective interests of professional foreign exchange industry participants.

This is a body that promotes the efficacy of a competitive global currency market through educational means. Research, and advocacy, and ultimately via a Global Code.

By instituting the Best Practice principles. The Global Code that FXPA represents does not substitute regulation. But could exert commercial pressure for the good of its collective interests and sound governance.

If you're wondering if the Global Code applies to you in any way, or if you could have any legitimacy within FXPA. Realize that included within the association are bodies such as dealers and other financial institutions, banks. Asset managers and hedge funds, corporate treasury departments, benchmarkers, brokers. E-trading platforms and affirmation and settlement platforms thereby covering a wide cross-section of the financial gambit.

The challenging issues facing the industry are governance, adherence, principal and agent roles and pre-hedging. Representing the best interests of the FX community at large must be cerebral to its core. And obsequious with a non-issue driving and thriving mandate this is the ethos of the Association. By nature, its nurturing and perpetual adherence to the Code is a most viable attraction for those wishing to join the Association.

Regular additions are made to the body with new members. Each realizing the value that belonging to such as an Association can bring. And each adding to the gravitas that is the essence of a body with a cause such as the one it purports to represent. No easy task, indeed, but one that inexorably links it to a most valued and vivacious market. One, also, that requires the soundest body and mind to relegate and resound, reason, and rebound, all with the good of the market at heart.

Foreign Exchange Professionals Association

It certainly considers the most pertinent issues of the day within the FX market portfolio and these include global FX market regulation, execution quality, benchmark rates, post-trade reporting, risk controls and the clearing of non-deliverable forwards. The initiatives are member-driven and addressed by consensus among its membership.

The Association has managed to maintain its remarkable ability of vibrant participation across the broad spectrum of institutional participants, including buy-side companies, banks, clearing houses, corporate end-users, technology providers, trading platforms and trade repositories. The dynamics of the diversity that embodied within its membership base assures that every facet of FX is skilfully covered in its entirety. The phrase anon stone left unturned when it comes to the management of the FX industry by the Association. Means exactly that and has no greater emphasis and merit when applied to here.

Its mechanisms are not grandiose by any means but are certainly magnificent by any standard. It is by cultivating this kind of legacy that the Association has managed to achieve the kind of plaudits that it has garnered. Such importance that allocated to the market must be handled with an efficiency beyond measure and it is only through its various mechanisms of research and education, activities and initiatives, that it has been able to respond with such valued care and concern.

The FXPA reports that engagement with regulators is critical. Vital in September of last year when this was discussed (and reported on). The volatility of the FX industry given at any time, but never so variable as it currently is.


What with issues of a new US Presidency, Brexit with the UK and Europe, and huge political uncertainty worldwide, the markets can fluctuate with remarkable rapidity. They must, then, be dealt with by standards of sense and sensibility, making for the common ground on which to examine and discuss, deliberate, and drive.

This the Association has honed into a fine art. It is no wonder, then, that it such a respectable and reputable body

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