Minor strength of USD currency and a weakness in the CAD

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Minor strength of USD currency and a weakness in the CAD

If last week we were talking about the US Dollar and Euro to be falling, we are now talking about the rising of the US Dollar but the falling of the Canadian Dollar, is it going up and down as expected. Can you guess what is going to be the preferences for next week?

EUR Currency News

We can not say that we are so proud of the EUR so far, as it just reached an inflation rate that sends it back in time 4 years ago. It is now in the same spot, just really close under 2 percent as it was back then.... and it does not seem to be increasing...The rate of unemployment is far worse than the rate of inflation, double!! That sending us back as far as eight ( 8!!! ) years ago. So can we be proud of EUR?. Not really... we can not. The European Central Bank is not expecting the euro zone to flourish at any time soon, so I might tend to believe it, unless, of course... any kind of heavenly miracle happens!

USD on the other side...

Is expected to have an inflation rate higher, heavenly miracle, because of the new jobs data maintained at multiple tops. Also when the Washington is going to cut the taxes more, giving to the tax payers few seconds to breath, let's pray for that, things might get far better than before especially as jobless people got to the smallest rate in the last 44 years!! Amazing, right?
Inflation rate now? Is at her 1.9 annual percent jumping fast towards 2 in a wink.. or.. in a week? We don't know, we wait to see, yet good times seem to be expected for the USA.

CAD Currency News

Canada now, and the struggle to keep the balance. Hitting a 2.6 annual rate in comparison to a 3.8 one last year... but we are hoping that by the end of the year will succeed, the Bank of Canada forecasted a better one so let's just hope that they will be right and more than just right if they will have an export recovery. It did shock the currency market yesterday, showing us an almost half amount cut off the 10.7 billion account deficit. Well, this is a miracle indeed!!

The GBP Currency News

The U.K. slow economy is as slow as the Brexit, it takes long days and many uncertainties to be sure of what its position is. Slow, for now, as but an increasing kind of sinkhole in it making people wonder if is only going to get bigger and bigger. After deals with Brussels, after low manufacturing skills in February and the struggle to try to keep the services system on moderate, but not with a big success as even that rate is getting lower and lower.. for longer and longer... Britain it is expected to be at the lowest point in her last 3 months.

AUD Currency News

The Australian dollar is taking its way on the Formula One Currency Battle with some sort of baby steps, small, but sure.
Not to the top of it at least...it just got one percent lower, making it be at its lowest rate in the last four weeks. Australia is becoming " THE " Turtle. We are not expecting much of the central bank but... we hope that we might get to see some movement here and there after the meeting of the Reserve Bank on Tuesday.

This was the news on some of the most important currency, I really wonder what is going to be next, money is a never ending subject to talk about and get informed for your business, family or friends!! I do hope that each and every one of them will improve and be at its highest records EVER, for everybody!! But is that possible? Or would that be a mess? What do you think? Waiting to see the next news and talk more about!

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