Singapore stamp duty succeeds in curbing foreign interest

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Foreign purchases in Singapore’s private property market have dropped dramatically following cooling measures brought into force in December.

Foreign purchases accounted for 18% of the private property market over the whole of last year, but according to consultancy DTZ, this has fallen sharply as the effects of the cooling measures continue to deter foreign investors.

In the three months to September, foreign purchases made up just 7% of the private market.

The downward trend was also clear over the first nine months of the year, with only 6% of purchases being made by foreigners.

In the third quarter, just 504 purchases were carried out by non-permanent resident foreigners.

An additional buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD), set at 10% for foreign buyers, was enforced in Singapore last December.

The move was prompted by a flurry of interest in residential property from foreign buyers last year, which was concentrated on the mass-market segment.

The fresh injection of interest was the likely motive behind the ABSD, which was designed to reduce foreign investment demand for Singapore property.

While it has successfully cut back demand – the ABSD sparked an initial sharp pullback – overseas investors from certain countries have put Singapore back on their radar.

The additional stamp duty has failed to keep Chinese investors at bay, with the market share of mainland buyers, including permanent residents, climbing once again.

In the three months to September 30, Chinese buyers made up 22% of all purchases made by non-Singaporeans, which saw them overtake Indonesians to secure second place, leaving the Malaysians sitting tight in the top spot.

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Singapore stamp duty succeeds in curbing foreign interest

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