Sibauma, Brazil Is New Hotspot For Investors

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Ever since it was discovered by surfers back in the 1970s, Brazil’s Pipa beachside paradise has been a success both with tourists and foreign property investors.

Famous for its displays of dolphins off the coast, the resort has built up an impressive array of boutique hotels and fashionable restaurants alongside its world class beaches.

Now the wealthy clientele seem to be moving their sights onto nearby Sibauma, where new developments are hoping to cash in on Brazil’s emergence as one of the strongest property markets in the world today.

Although a small resort with only 5,000 residents, Pipa attracts more than a million tourists each year who are looking to sample the wonderful surfing opportunities set amongst some of the most luxurious attractions in the country.

Now Sibauma, which is located five kilometres south of Pipa village, is attempting to draw some of the action its way by offering an even more upmarket experience for the wealthy.

The Sibauma Residences project is one example of the type of developments underway, with a selection of duplex town houses in a fully managed condominium hotel being only a few metres from the beach.

The ocean views set against a backdrop of beautiful beaches, reefs, cliffs, sand dunes and natural swimming pools is likely to see rental yield returns of 7% and an expected capital appreciation of 10% per year.

Prices in the project start at less than £100,000 and as such represent great value for getting in on the action at Sibauma.

Hosting both the next Olympics and the World Cup means that the eyes of the world will very much be on Brazil over the next few years, and the effects on the booming housing market are expected to be very positive indeed.

If you are looking to invest in Brazil think carefully about how you will be transferring money abroad. It is worth bearing in mind that foreign currency exchange rates quoted by banks are almost always worse than the exchange rates available through a specialist currency dealer.

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Sibauma, Brazil Is New Hotspot For Investors

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