The Safest and Stable Currencies for Trading and Investment.

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The Safest and Stable Currencies for Trading and Investment.

The Greek financial crisis and tumultuous decade after the 2007/2008 global financial crisis have raised concerns for traders and investors seeking the safest investment currencies. Stable currencies provide some kind of safe haven in which investors and currencies seek to own a share so as to make sure that their financial value does get eroded due to economic changes. Most central banks have undervalued their currencies since 2008, and the resulting currency wars’ have demeaned the value of most major world currencies such as the dollar. Most nations with safe and stable trading currencies have strong economies and balance sheets having more assets and few liabilities. The US dollar has often been regarded as the safest currency, but the rising US debt raises questions about the future of the dollar. Currencies of such nations often stand out in financial crises, and they often rise in value as major currencies depreciate.

So what are some of the most stable and safe currencies in the global market?

The Norwegian Krone
The Norwegian Krone is one of the safest and valuable currencies, which is backed by a strong economy and the largest petroleum exports in Europe. Norway has a stable government with a bank that has a favorable balance sheet, and the nation has no debts. The nation’s currency is a standalone currency that is not linked to the Euro or any other currencies, and as such, the Krone is not tied to any devaluation problems anywhere.

The Singapore Dollar
Singapore is one of the most stable and industrially developed Asian nations. The nation enjoys financial and political stability, and it has become a major financial service provider and hub for international trade and banking. Its exchange rate has been appreciating for a few past years and the trend seems to continue as the nation becomes more industrialized and developed.

The Swiss Francs
Switzerland is a nation with strong political and financial stability because the nation has significantly developed its financial sector and excluded itself from global militarism. The nation’s strong and confidential banking system has made it a safe haven for world investors and traders. The nation’s central bank has also been unpegged from the Euro and the move by the central bank of Switzerland implies that it is free from negative influence from the region's currencies’ volatility.

The New Zealand Dollar
New Zealand has experienced increasing economic growth in 2014 up to the present. The annual average growth of the nation was at 2.9% towards the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, and this was the fastest growth of economic growth in about six years. The stability of the currency and economy can be linked to the nation’s policy of maintaining a stable output, price stability, and exchange and interest rates. The currency is commodity-based and as long as demand for commodities stays stable, the nation’s currency is guaranteed to be stable.

The Hong Kong Dollar
Hong Kong is also becoming a safe investment and financial banking haven thanks to the strong Hong Kong dollar. The jurisdiction’s Currency Board plans need the nation’s monetary base to be backed by 100% USD reserves that are held in an exchange fund, and all the changes in the monetary holding to be matched by 100% corresponding changes in the USD reserves. The nation’s sound monetary policy and industrial growth back its economic strength and an equally strong currency that is promising for investors and traders.

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