Three Safe-Haven Currencies for Investors and Traders Fleeing the USD

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So what are the three safe haven Currencies for Investors and Traders Fleeing the USD?

Britons in the inflation-ridden United Kingdom during the 70s had adopted a tactical approach of carrying around large amounts of Japanese Yens, Swiss Francs, and German Deutsche Marks. This approach was meant to cushion them and provide security against the poor performance of the Sterling Pound. The same situation is replicated in today’s world where most major and initially stable currencies are proving to be otherwise. Many people are significantly worried about the possible outcomes if the US Treasury debt is downgraded from the upper tier AAA credit ranking that it enjoys. But there is a more serious cause of concern, and that is the possibility of the USD being stopped from enjoying the AAA status – which will imply that it will not be good for settling international business transactions. The USD has taken another serious beating this year and it fell significantly against safe-haven currencies. This outcome was realized when Washington failed to reach a consensus on America’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. While all this was happening, the Swiss Franc got to an all-time high compared to the dollar that went down 25% against the Swiss Franc in the last four quarters. These saddening trends can get worse than you can imagine and there is need to look for refuge in safe-haven currencies to avoid such problems and retain value.

The Swiss Franc
Switzerland is an ideal investment nation with a stable economy and a strong banking sector. Its elaborate banking system is safe and nicely networked. The Swiss Franc denoted as CHF is among the strongest currencies in the globe. One CHF is equal to 0.99USD. The nation’s well-developed economy, stable political environment, ideal infrastructure, tourism, and banking sector are the major factors that foster the great stability that its currency holds. Even though the CHF went down by 2.94% in this year’s last quarter, the currency is still a promising one in terms of value and stability and investors cannot go wrong with such stability in value.

The Norwegian Krone
Norway, which is one of the European nations out of the European Union, has a large trust fund and rich oil and gas reserves. Though the nation heavily relies on oil and gas, the trust fund, which has a well controlled $570 billion dollars in a sovereign wealth fund, makes this nation ideal for investment. Though the Krone may be a pro-currency, the strong fund can cushion the nation from tumultuous economic times and guarantee economic and currency stability.

The Singapore Dollar
Singapore is a well-run nation that is among the least corrupt nations in the globe and it is a global trading and banking hub. Singapore’s dollar is 7th among the strongest Asian currencies. Numerous international corporations are headquartered in Singapore. The nation’s currency was very stable in the past, but it has slightly depreciated in the recent past. However, there is great stability and a good investment and trading environment that is corruption-free and ideal for investment. These factors imply that the Singapore dollar may have a stable and more valuable future.

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Safe-Haven Currencies for Investors Fleeing the USD

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