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Ryanair have modified their admin charges to suit their business by setting up a new prepaid card called the Ryanair Cash Passport Card. The Ryanair Cash Passport will be the method that does not incur an admin fee.

Previously prepaid MasterCards were all fee free when booking a Ryanair flight buy this will be changing from November where this facility has been switched off by Ryanair. All prepaid card providers control their fees to consumers and closing the loop so that only the Ryanair cash passport card is fee free has been set by them to gain additional revenue from other prepaid card providers as they have heavily advertised this fact to consumers.

Although to get the Ryanair Cash Passport Card you will need to pay a application fee of £6 which will be reimbursed to Ryanair passengers since each cardholder will receive a £6 Ryanair travel voucher. There will be no further admin fees on any Ryanair bookings but charges to use the card is expected to include an ATM fee and charges when using your card abroad.

From November the no-frills airline will add up to £48 for a family of four buying return flights due to the announced launch of the 'Ryanair Cash Passport'.

Currently the law requires companies to provide at least one payment method that is free of charge to the customer. Unavoidable payment charges have to be included in the cover price, it will be interesting to see what the scheduled additional cash passport charges will be, if this is indeed powered by and a white label of the Access Prepaid Worldwide cash passport card consumers can expect to be charged a higher % if using the card in a different currency.

Ryanair has drawn the fire of regulators and consumer groups who say it has made it increasingly difficult for customers to avoid charges that currently amount to £6 per person, each way.

Ryanair have changed their fee free policy several times where initially consumers could avoid the admin fee by paying by Visa Electron, this was then changed to a prepaid card with the launch of their own card called the Orion prepaid card which when launched you had to pay 69 euros to get. But the gateway providers for prepaid cards could not control which prepaid mastercards were accepted and which ones could not so all prepaid cards were accepted at that time. With the failure of the Orion card the launch of the Ryanair card was expected and as expected with Ryanair to cause controversy.

Ryanair's Cash Passport branded card is administered by MasterCard and should make it easy for consumers to pay for goods not make customers jump through hoops in order to access free payments that the law intends to be easily available.

Although The Office of Fair Trading has already launched an investigation into airline card charges following complaints by consumer organisations?

It should also be investigated as the payment method is not free if consumers are charged £6 to get the card? Yes consumers receive a voucher but payment is still required prior to getting fee free admin charges.

Any purchase from Ryanair will be free of charge, but customers will be charged 50p if they make it from anywhere else, following an initial period when all purchases are free. Ryanair takes a cut from the 50p charge.

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