Ruling party pledge continued economic growth in Guyana

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The people’s progressive party, the ruling administration within Guyana, have pledged to base their re-election campaign around the idea of maintaining a sustainable and healthy economy.

The party have stated that, should they be re-elected, they plan to develop a credible and sustainable macroeconomic framework as part of a 5 year plan.

Donald Ramotar, the party’s presidential candidate, has also stated that Guyana will continue to grow economically over the next 5 years and beyond under his presidency.

The plan appears to be based around stringent regulation and supervision of the financial system which the country has in place, something which UK and US politicians could perhaps take note of.

The Party have also stated that they plan to encourage growth by improving the ease with which credit can be accessed by the private sector, which includes the establishment of a credit bureau.

They clearly feel they are working from a solid base. Since the party took control within Guyana in 1992, they claim they have managed to sustain economic growth and expansion to the point where the country has gained a positive reputation globally.

Basing an election campaign around prudent financial planning is likely to be music to the ears of the electorate. This is particularly true during a period where economies globally are in a state of continued uncertainty.

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Ruling party pledge continued economic growth in Guyana

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