Romanian public remain pessimistic about the future despite rumours of investment

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New research suggests that Romanians are not optimistic about economic growth possibilities within the near future.

The latest Eurobarometer, conducted across all EU member states, has found that the country is widely aware of how low their credit rating is and how this could affect their future.

This follows recent news that the EU is set to offer significant funding to improve infrastructure throughout Romania, which it is thought could lead to increased investor interest.

The report, compiled by the online magazine Business Review, suggests that the European Union could invest as much as £4.1 billion into the development of motorways and improved routes throughout the country.

It is widely expected that such a large improvement will make the country a far more attractive investment proposition for global companies.

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, Romania was ranked 134 out of 139 countries regarding the quality of its roads. This is despite being the ninth largest country within the EU.

According to data from the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment (ARIS), the level of direct foreign investment has dropped from EUR 9.5 billion in 2008 to just EUR 2.26 billion in 2010.

Although the financial crisis would have undoubtedly been a factor in such a rapid decline, the generally poor infrastructure within the country will have played its part as well.

If the increased investment does eventually come, it will be most welcome by Romanian nationals and the government alike.

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Romanian public remain pessimistic about the future despite rumours of investment

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