Romania has the potential to attract property investors

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A steadily growing economy and consistently falling house prices have combined to put Romania in the spotlight as one of the most unlikely contenders for foreign property investment in 2012.

A number of reports on the situation are vague and conflicting. However, generally speaking house prices are down by between 20% and 50% approximately. This is a significant drop in anybody’s language and for potential property investors around the globe, it will surely make them sit up and take notice.

Fortunately for those investors, the economy is moving in the opposite direction. Details from Eurostat, a statistical information provider for the European Union, suggest that the Romanian economy grew by 1.3% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2011, 1.9% in Q2 and a staggering 4.4% in Q3.

It is also worth mentioning perhaps the biggest attraction for anybody who is considering investing in this region. Romania is not currently attached to the Euro and instead has their own currency, the leu.

The European continent has had its fair share of problems recently as those countries within it struggle to figure out a sustainable way forward. As a result, many property investors are understandably reluctant to invest in an area that appears fragile.

Romania has the advantage of being largely shielded, if not entirely immune, from many of these problems having maintained their own currency throughout the last decade.

Transferring money to Romania

If you are looking to invest in Romania, think carefully about how you will be transferring money to Romania. Foreign currency exchange rates quoted by banks are almost always worse than the exchange rates available through specialist currency dealers.

So if you are looking to send money worldwide, to Romania for example (which you will inevitably have to do if you are looking to make a property investment), be sure to compare the market before you buy your overseas currency.

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Romania has the potential to attract property investors

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