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This piece is especially for laggards. Those who have heard the ‘prepaid credit cards' buzzing around, but not bothered to find out what this perplexing term means. Those who wait for the world to first do trials on their behalf. And only after its merits are proven by the critical masses, will they adopt it.

Now that your neighbors and are having a prepaid credit card and are flourishing and not perishing, you are thinking of having one too. But what is it, where do i get it from and how it works is still unanswered for you. Do not worry, just read on below to know.

Prepaid credit cards are actually not very different than credit and debit cards. Even they are meant for users to buy various products and services. The main difference that is, only an amount preloaded on the card, can be used. This way, you can never get indebted. It is this single point which is the biggest advantage of prepaid credit cards.

The importance of having a credit card is such that any online booking or shopping requires a credit card number. Airline tickets, car rentals, etc services desire a credit card holder mostly. Also if you are a traveler, you do know that carrying too much cash is cumbersome and risky.

But another sad reality is that many companies are refusing to issue credit cards due to their various criteria about a person's income history. This only aggravates helplessness of people, who need credit cards for practical reasons of being able to make online bookings. Prepaid credit cards are a boon especially for such individuals.

One has to open an account, called the prepaid charge account. It is similar to opening and maintaining a savings account. Whenever you deposit an amount of cash into your account, you shall be issued your prepaid credit card with same amount capacity. This will now function like your regular credit card.

As you already have entire amount in the account, so there is no need for generating any bills and consequently no interest charges. This feature actually resembles a debit card more than a credit card, where in amount available for spending is same as what you have in your account. And it automatically keeps your expenditures in check, as you always are reminded of the finite limit of your prepaid credit card.

So now whatever your credit score and income history, you do not have to deprive yourself of a credit card and advantages thereof. You can also now join the league of credit card holders, without having to ever run into debt traps. Prepaid credit cards are highly recommended. Get one for yourself!

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Prepaid Credit Card Comparison

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