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The Phones 4 U prepaid card is prepaid MasterCard is a pay as you go card where you pay no transactions fees to use. Phones 4 U cards also have another advantage where there are no monthly fees or top up fees so you can plan to use your card on a regular basis or just pay as you go if you wish to use on an occasional basis.

Save money on transfer fees

Need to share money with a love one abroad. See how much you could save based on sending £100 to someone abroad.

Figures from and correct as of 7 October 2009.
*£3 cash machine fee applies to money withdrawals made abroad. There are no additional fees if the card is used for purchases.

So how do you send money abroad using Phones 4 U?

Just buy and send additional cards to your friends or family abroad. Top up the account for free online or phone banking or at 12,500 UK locations.

Once the money has reached your account, Phones 4 U will text you. The receiver can then either withdraw the money in the local currency at any cash machine or shop immediately wherever MasterCard is accepted.

The Phones 4 U prepaid card is also ideal for using online so if you need to purchase goods either in the UK or internationally use your card and all your transactions are protected with payment protection making it one of the safest ways to pay on the internet..

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Phones 4 U Prepaid MasterCard

If you've new to the UK, and need an account to get your wage payment consider getting a Phones 4 U Prepaid MasterCard to pay for everything from a place to stay, plus you have the ability to share money with family and friends abroad without paying any large transaction fees.

You can use your prepaid card wherever MasterCard and/or Maestro cards are accepted, including: retail shops, over the Internet, mail order and by phone - at home and abroad.

To keep track of your spending every time you use your card, the balance will be checked electronically with your card company before payment is made. In some circumstances your card may be declined because there is not enough money loaded onto it. This security feature exists to protect you from spending money that you do not have.

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