Pakistan debt crisis deepens

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A report produced by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has outlined the significance of the country’s growing debt crisis.

External debt and liabilities within the country increased from $55.901 billion in 2009/2010 to $60.116 billion in 2010/2011. This represents a rise of 7.5%.

Worryingly, public debt also increased, from $52.107 to $56.315.

These figures demonstrate the global reach of a financial crisis which does not seem to recognise boundaries any longer.

There was some good news in the shape of a small decline in foreign exchange liabilities, from $1.2 billion to $1 billion.

This was a rare piece of positive news among a myriad of worrying trends though as fiscal deficit and inadequate external funding resulted in a 30% increase in government borrowing over the course of the last year.

Whatever way you view the figures, it is alarming for the immediate future of the Pakistan economy in general.

In 2010, Pakistan was announced as the third largest external debt recipient country in the Asian region after Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan external debt reached $57.2 billion last year, which translated as 33% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by December 2010.

The latest figures suggest things are not getting much better and the country is clearly going to need to make a big effort over the coming months to regain the confidence of the nation and the faith of the global financial markets.

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Pakistan debt crisis deepens

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