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Is your high street bank ripping you off
Caribbean countries have for a long time been a favorite destination for high net worth individuals, corporations and other entities to send their monies. These countries, being tax havens and at the…
How can compare money transfer save you money
Many traders and investors focus on the powerful, stable, and strongest global currencies such as the Euro, the US dollar, the British Pound, and the Swiss Franc. What about the…
Why use a broker instead of a bank
The Safest and Stable Currencies for Trading and Investment. The Greek financial crisis and tumultuous decade after the 2007/2008 global financial crisis have raised concerns for…
free currency transfer voucher
Every day traders of foreign currencies, importers, exporters, and investors compare currencies of their respective nations with the US dollar and other strong currencies for the…
Bank exchange rates are you being ripped off by your bank
How Will Upcoming Political Events Determine The Future Of European Currencies? Brexit and Trump are perfect reflections of the level of influence major political events have on…
Currency Calculator  App
Currency Evaluation Virtually all currencies are moved by multiple factors such as politics, economic growth, prices of commodities, and interest rates – just to mention, but a f…
Bank exchange rates are you being ripped off by your bank
Asia’s economy has been on the rise for a while now. Major investments have been made in education, technology, and health sectors which are essentially the main pillars of any c…
Why use a broker instead of a bank
Earlier, SWIFT announced several cyber-attacks. The largest took place in early February when hackers stole from the account of the central bank of Bangladesh about $ 80 million.…
High st banks vs currency brokers
Currency transfers to Africa Most of the East African economies rely greatly on Diaspora remittances to boost their foreign cash reserves. Kenya and Uganda for instance received…

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