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The Newest Currency of the World – The Sudanese Pound The South Sudanese government, which is one of the newest nations in the world, uses the South Sudanese pound. Both the English and Arabic names o…
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The term reserve currencies denote types of national or regional currencies, that are used widely around the world in facilitating most trade and financial transactions. Reserve…
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The Indian rupee whose currency symbol is INR is the official currency of the republic of India. The currency has 100 sub-divisions of 100 Paisa. However, only the 50 paisa…
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A look at the Asian Monetary Unit (AMU) enables the determination of the list of the 10 strongest currencies in the continent. Any entity involved in international trade and…
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So what are the three safe haven Currencies for Investors and Traders Fleeing the USD? Britons in the inflation-ridden United Kingdom during the 70s had adopted a tactical…
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Embattled Canadian Dollar Faces a 65-Cent Low Against the US Currency in 2017, Leading Pundits Say After a tough 2016 trading season battling a formidable US dollar, the Canadian…
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The Four Weakest Currencies in the South America Currency exchange rates reveal the strength of each currency against any other currency. The trend of these rates is essential for…
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Ecowas trading bloc. Ecowas or the economic community for West African states is a trade agreement that was established under the Lagos treaty and has fifteen countries as…
Trans- Pacific Partnership agreement The Trans- Pacific Partnership or TPP as it is most commonly referred to, is a trade agreement between countries in the Pacific Rim. The pact…

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