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Signing up to more than one company is free to do Plus by using Compare money transfer we guarantee to beat any high street bank on currency transfers over £5000 and in some cases with no transfer fees depending on the amount.

The world uses hundreds of different currencies and whenever you travel to another country the chances are that you will need to change from your currency to another so you can use it at your destination. Of course though, different currencies have differing values when compared to each other and these values will rise and fall against each other all the time.

Before going on holiday, you will want to find the best travel and holiday money exchange rates so that you have more to spend when you are on your holiday. This will often mean shopping around for the best rate you can find in various banks and money exchange services. Compare Money Transfer make everything much easier for you by collating the rates from some of the country's best providers and presenting them on screen. This will give you a list of the best money exchange rates in the UK offered by various brokers, from which you can then make a decision on which you would like to use.

If you are in the capital you may find some of the best holiday exchange rates in London and again, Compare Money Transfer will make it as easy as possible for you to see what the best rates are. When selecting a broker it is important to look not only at the rates they are offering, but also the service levels they provide. Some brokers, for example, might take a few days for an exchange whereas other could do it straight away. With so much to take into account, Compare Money Transfer is the ideal resource for finding the best place to exchange money online.

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