Kuwaiti Financial Forum aims to address key economic issues

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The third Kuwaiti Financial Forum will take place today, with the top financial minds in the region discussing a variety of topics.

Central to the forum will be the question of how ongoing global economic turmoil is affecting the region specifically, and what can be done to safeguard key elements of national economy.

One such aspect of the Kuwaiti national economy which appears to be in great condition is the region’s property sector.

One leading Kuwaiti property specialist recently claimed that the nation has seen a significant improvement within property investment during the first half of 2011.

Qais Al-Ghanem, secretary of the Real Estate Union, has claimed that property investment, primarily in the form of the leasing and ownership of apartment buildings, has been on a steady upward curve.

Al-Ghanem suggests that low interest rates on bank deposits were thought to be the main reason for the revitalisation of the sector.

Investors were attracted to the obvious potential for significant returns and the whole sector consequently received a boost.

The news follows on from a report published by the investment bank Global Investment House which suggests that residential real estate markets in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are increasingly becoming attractive for investors.

The report also suggested that rents in Bahrain remained under pressure during the second quarter of this year, but demand for affordable housing was still firmly intact.

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Kuwaiti Financial Forum aims to address key economic issues

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