Foreign Land Offers High Returns for Investors

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Invest in European FarmlandThe cost of agricultural land continues to rise, as world food shortages and population growth increase demand on land. Could it be a potential premium investment opportunity?

In the heady days of the pre-Credit Crunch era it was all about investing in property. Commercial and domestic property offered high rent yields and strong capital growth. While investing in property can still offer great returns if you buy and invest wisely, the returns are far less predictable than they once were. So what else can you invest in?

According to Savills International Land Markets bulletin there is a growing demand for agricultural commodities across the globe, and there is likely to be an increase in farmland values across the globe, as well as the opening up of as yet, untapped locations for investors.

High commodity prices and the growing world demand for food has brought agricultural land to the attention of private investors and banks, opening up opportunities for investment in emerging markets.

“During the past few years a bull run on farmland has developed with demand for land worldwide increasing to the point where average values had to rise,” says Ian Bailey, Savills rural research expert.

Where to Invest in Global Agricultural Land?

Eastern Europen countries offer a great investment potential. Growing economies and improving infrastructure could make the investment in agricultural land a sound investment. Romania and Bulgaria have been highlighted as potentially great investment locations, but currently it is land in Poland and the Czech Republic which currently commands the highest prices: interestingly, land in Hungary, where the ownership of land is restricted, is currently worth roughly half the value of land in Poland and the Czech Republic.

If you are looking to invest in countries such as Romania or Bulgaria, think carefully about how you will be transferring money to Romania. Foreign currency exchange rates quoted by banks are almost always worse than the exchange rates available through specialist currency dealers. So if you are sending money to Poland be sure to compare the market before you buy.

The United Nations has forecast that the world population is to increase by more than 40% by 2050: feeding this rise will be a massive challenge. So should you invest in agricultural land now?

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Foreign Land Offers High Returns for Investors

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