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Compare Money Transfer is pleased to announce the Best Exotic Currencies Rate is awarded to Aston Currency Management for 2013.

‘Exotic’ currencies can be difficult to trade and not all currency brokers trade them due to the supporting banks however Aston Currency Management were able to offer our mystery shoppers access to a number of Exotics that were not available from other currency brokers or able to offer a more competitive rate of exchange and that is why Aston Currency Management won the Best Exotic Currencies Rate Award.

On speaking to Liam Alexander from Aston Currency Management

“Aston Currency Management are proud to announce that they have won the prestigious award of ‘Best Exotic Currencies Provider’ from CompareMoneyTransfer.com. Liam Alexander, Commercial and Dealing Director for ACM said of the award “This award confirms Aston Currency Management's commitment to being the Exotic Currency Provider of choice in the UK. Our focus is on currencies that are often complex or time consuming to transact. We make sure the rates our clients receive are fair and consistent and assist them with structuring the transaction from start to finish as a duty of care. We make their life a little easier all round in essence and focus not only on rates but also on wider service provision”.

The judging panel has worked to a rigorous scoring system that evaluates your business against a strict voting criteria which included a selection of mystery shoppers to engage on user experience and including site interactivity.

Organized by Compare Money Transfer, the prestigious Foreign Exchange Awards for 2013 aims to celebrate the currency companies that offer customer Satisfaction, content rich, competitive exchange rates, educational and outstanding achievement for the foreign exchange industry in the UK.

The currency companies that have been awarded are based on an individual or the company that add real value to businesses and consumers and not just profit taking companies that are interested in taking the highest margin rate from its customers.

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Compare Money Transfer - Best Exotic Currency
Compare Money Transfer - Best Exotic Currency

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Compare Money Transfer - Best Exotic Currency

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Exotic Currencies Award Winner

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