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If you have to exchange one country's currency with that of other country's currency, foreign currency exchange rates come into play. For example if you have to go to Britain for a vacation, you have to pay in British pounds or some places now accept the Euro for local shopping. For this you have to visit a bank for currency exchange. The banks will convert your currency to the currency you desire at the prevalent exchange rate. If for every $1000, you get GBP 568.344, then each dollar is worth 0.568344 GBP. This value keeps fluctuating and you may get different amount for same $1000 at different times.

The traders buy or sell currencies and take advantage of this fluctuation to make profits. At times the retail customers also participate in the currency exchange markets mostly as speculators in hope of making profits due to rise and fall in the values of currencies.

According to basic economics, if the supply of good increases, price of that good will decrease. Therefore if supply of countrys currency increases, then we see that more of that specific currency is required to buy other currencies. This means that the currency whose supply has increased has been devalued. The currencies are traded on the foreign currency exchange market and it is not necessary that the currencies will be available in the same amount always. The quantity and price will keep fluctuating. There are various factors that affect the supply of the currencies in the currency exchange market.

Factors like exports companies, foreign investors, speculators and central banks affect the currency exchange market.

Export companies: In case an export company located in USA exports its goods to a company in France. The money it will receive from France will not be of any use in USA. Therefore the currency has to be exchanged. The US export company will now sell the Euros in the currency exchange market. This will increase the supply of Euros and decrease the supply of dollars. Thus the value of US dollars will appreciate and the Euro will depreciate.

Foreign investors: This process also involves currency exchange. In case a foreigner is planning to invest in your country, then he has to get his currency converted into the local currency in order to make investments (like land and workers). This action will increase the supply of his currency (thereby depreciating the value) in the currency exchange market and will decrease the supply of the currency (thereby appreciating the value of the currency) of the country where he is investing.

Speculators and central bankers: there are many speculators in the currency exchange markets. They are driven by the daily up and down movements of the currency in the international market. The Central Bank of the USA called the Federal Reserve controls the supply of currency in the country. In order to increase the supply of money in the market, the Federal Reserve will print more dollar bills. The central bank like Federal Reserve keeps various currencies in the reserve so as to influence the foreign currency exchange market when required.

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Exchanging currency in Britain

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