Currency Expectations for Trading in Europe and around the currency world

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Currency Expectations for Trading in Europe and around the currency world

Currency Expectations for U.S Dollar
The US dollar continued to advance throughout the market. It's going up against other major currencies expectations of US Fed monetary policy in March. According to CME Group FedWatch Tool, the probability of a rate hike in March increased from 31.0% to 62.0% in one day.
On Wednesday, March 1, in the morning tradings the European currency was traded in the negative area after the speech of Donald Trump in the US Congress.
Note that, in general, the US president did not disclose anything new, mentioning only the need for healthcare reform in the form of refusal of Obamacare, the construction of the wall with Mexico and an increased spending on the defense sector of the country.

Currency Expectations for Euro
The euro remains under pressure because of concerns that the results of the forthcoming elections in France can prove as shocking results as the UK out of the EU or a victory of Trump.
The euro dropped today to 1.0514. As the euro weakening factors constraining the growth of the euro were the index and yields on 10-year German bonds at 36.05%, up to 0.283%.
On Wednesday, after the upward correction to 1.0572. The rate returned to the level of 1.0528.

Currency Expectations for Pound Sterling
The pound fell to a three-week low against the dollar after the publication of data on the slower pace of growth of manufacturing activity in the UK in February, compared with forecasts. However, the value of this indicator remains high.
The Markit report said that the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector (PMI) U.K fell to 54.6 after 55.7 in January and 55.6 against the forecast values. Nevertheless, the new value remains close to the maximum of two and a half years.
According to the report, inflationary pressures fell slightly, which occurred due to a sharp fall the pound sterling after the Brexit in June.
Another report said that the UK consumers attracted more credit in January compared with the previous month, but the rate of increase decreases the second consecutive month, increasing concerns about rising inflation.

Currency Expectations for Japanese yen
The member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Japan, Takehiro Sato said that the central bank would like to see the yield curve for bonds steeper. In addition, Sato said he hoped that by the end of the fiscal year (from October to March) inflation can overcome the 1% threshold.

Currency Expectations for Australian dollar
The Australian dollar rise is more positive than expected Australian GDP data. According to the report of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian in the fourth quarter of 2016 gross domestic product increased to 1.1% after falling to 0.5% in the third quarter. The currency index is significantly higher than economists' forecast of 0.7%. In annual terms, GDP in Australia increased by 2.4%, also higher than the forecast of 1.9% and the previous value of 1.8%.
The report of the Australian Bureau of Statistics noted that the Australian economy in the fourth quarter of 2016 has strengthened due to the significant growth of domestic consumption and export. Household spending increased by 0.9% in the fourth quarter.

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