Top Ten Asian Currencies with Trading Volume and Value

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A look at the Asian Monetary Unit (AMU) enables the determination of the list of the 10 strongest currencies in the continent. Any entity involved in international trade and foreign exchange trade in or with Asian nations may find Asian currency information to be important. AMU has a basket of 13 currencies, and here is a list of these ten currencies as well as their trading volume and external value.

The Kuwaiti Dinar
The Kuwaiti Dinar tops the world’s list of the most highly valued currencies in Asia and the world at large. A system characterized by a fixed rate of exchange and large amounts of oil and gas exports have been the main factors behind the currency’s great value and stability. The nation’s exchange rate is set at 1 Kuwaiti Dinar for $3.46 USD.

The Bahraini Dinar
The Bahraini dinar, whose use was initiated in 1965, is the 2nd most valuable currency across the globe and in the larger Asian continent. The country acquires most of its revenues from the secondary manufacturing sector in which the nation produces various pieces of machinery and articles.

The Omani Riyal
The Omani Riyal is one of the respected and strong currencies in the Asian continent as well as the whole world. The use of this third strongest currency in Asia was initiated in 1937, and it replaced the Saudi Riyal. The high value of this currency emerges from the fact that it is strategically positioned geopolitically. The nation’s economy has had quick growth because of speedy human development in the last few years. The exchange rate is around $2.6 per one Riyal.

The Jordanian Dinar
The Jordanian dollar is in position four of the top-ten list of most valuable Asian currencies in the Asian continent. The Jordanian dinar is strong and stable for almost a decade now, even though the nation’s economy has not been strong for long. The exchange rate of this Asian currency stands at 1 Jordanian dinar per $1.41.

The Azerbaijani Manat
Surprisingly, the Manat is the 5th strongest currency in the Asian continent, which also happens to be the biggest continent on the globe. Interestingly, the Manat has a value that is 25% higher than the US dollar. The nation’s economy has a very low employment rate and it has a relatively stable economy. The Manats exchange rate stands at 1 Manat = $1.28.

The Brunei Dollar
The Brunei dollar has an external value, which is almost equal to Singapore’s dollar. The currency holds the 6th position in the top-ten list, and the strong position is due to the fact that Brunei and Singapore trade a lot as major trading partners. The revenue that Singapore gets from the tertiary sector is offset against the exports of oil from Brunei.

The Singaporean Dollar
Singapore’s dollar is at position seven among the top-ten list of the strongest Asian currencies. Singapore is trading and business hub of the world and larger Asian region with numerous international corporations setting their headquarters in the nation. Singapore’s dollar was remarkably strong in the past. However, it has significantly depreciated in the recent past by at least 10%.
The Qatari Riyal
The use of the Qatari Riyal was initiated in 1966 to replace the Indian Rupee. The Qatari Riyal takes the 8th position among the top-ten strongest currencies among Asian nations. Qatar has rich gas and oil reserves and it has had a very stable economy, which has had no inflation for a very long time. The set exchange rate of the Qatari Riyal to the USD is at 1 Riyal per $0.274.

UAE’s Dirham
The United Arab Emirates has also taken a position among the top ten currencies in Asia. The UAE generates much of its revenue from tourism and oil. The nation is also among the powerful emerging economies. The current exchange rate of the Dirham stands at 1 Dirham for $0.27 USD.

The Saudi Riyal
The Riyal has been Saudi Arabia’s currency since the founding of the nation. The nation has rich oil and gas reserves, and it is also the hub of the Muslim community across the globe because most Islamic activities are carried out in it. These two factors give the nation’s economy and currency some reliability and domination in the Middle East and Asia. Currently, the Saudi Riyal exchanges for approximately $0.26 USD.

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