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Aston Currency Management Spot Rate

An exchange rate is agreed between you and your dealer and the currency is purchased on your behalf. A date is agreed upon (maturity date) for when you need your funds transferred. Aston Currency Management will transfer the funds to the desired account (beneficiary) upon receipt of your payment. We will keep you updated at every stage of your transfer with automatic e-mails confirming your trade, when your funds arrive and when they are transferred to the beneficiary. You will also be e-mailed a proof of transfer when your funds have been sent.

Aston Currency Management Take Profit Order

Utilises the time you have to buy your currency to try and achieve a better exchange rate than the current market rate (interbank)
Automatic updates at each stage of your trade
If there is a particular exchange rate you are looking to achieve and have some time on your side, then you can set up with your Aston Currency Management dealer a Take Profit order. A Take Profit order allows you to set a rate that meets your expectation level. As soon as your desired exchange rate is achieved, the currency is automatically purchased for you regardless of what time zone it occurs. This allows you to access the 24/5 FX market and doesn’t confine you to the UK trading hours. Once purchased, your dealer will notify you to allow you to send in your settlement funds.

Aston Currency Management offers Stop Loss

Protects against adverse currency movements setting a worst rate scenario while you are trying to achieve a better exchange rate.
Automatic updates at each stage of your trade
A Stop Loss order works in exactly the same way a Take Profit one does but offers you protection should the exchange rate start to move in the wrong direction for you. You can set a Stop Loss order as a worst case scenario, meaning that if the rate moves against you, you are guaranteed that a worst case scenario rate is secured at a pre-agreed level so there is no risk of the rate getting any worse.

Aston Currency Management One Cancel Other (OCO)

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