Brazil’s property market booms

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The changing face of the global league of strong economic nations is having profound effects on the international property market.

For some time now Brazil has been earmarked as one of the countries set to challenge the established order in the near future when it comes to international financial influence.

Along with Russia and China, Brazil makes up a group of nations whose economic growth is having an impact across the world.

One thing that always accompanies a surge in a domestic economy's strength is a corresponding boom in property prices. With an annual increase of an average 15.2% over the last year, which is also the highest in the world, Brazil's domestic housing sales are no exception to the rule.

Another thing that always gives property prices a bump is when the international spotlight falls on a country as the host of major international events.

With the build up to the 2014 World Cup already well underway and the Rio 2016 Olympics following quickly on its tail, the appeal for foreign investors to get involved could hardly be stronger.

With British investors having firsthand experience of the way that the Olympics can impact positively on a host nation, it is no surprise that they are amongst the most high profile foreign nationals currently buying into the Brazilian market.

From being a somewhat niche holiday investment to add to a portfolio, the move to viewing Brazilian property in major cities as an attractive possibility sees a marked change.

With massive investment programmes in buildings and other infrastructure driven by new oil revenues, which are having a massive effect across society, a 'bust' doesn't look like happening to the current Brazilian property boom anytime soon.

If you are considering moving funds to Brazil or any other South American country, be sure shop around to find the best currency exchange rates.

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Brazil’s property market booms

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