Brazilian property continues to attract investors

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Whilst pictures of rioting in the international media don’t usually go hand in hand with a strong property market, Brazil continues to break all the rules in the way that it is performing.

Over the past few years Brazil has been the target for international investment due to the continuing upward trends in its economy, and the property market has been one of the main beneficiaries in the country.

Indeed, the statistics for both values and transaction volumes have seen Brazil sit at the top, or near to the top, of all the major reports on international property market activity across all sectors.

Against the background of the current unrest in the country, it is similar events around the world that are in part responsible for the healthy state of the Brazilian market. The ‘Arab Spring’ caused many investors to look elsewhere, away from their traditional ‘safe bets’ and the long drawn crisis in the eurozone countries was another contributing factor.

A wider alignment to China, Russia and India as part of the Bric association has also given weight to the country’s emergent reputation for stability and profitability, as has the winning of bids to host major international sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

So the impact of the current unrest seems unlikely to have any long term effect on the perception of investors, both current and potential.

The BuyAssociation, an independent advice group for overseas property buyers, commented: "The Brazilian property market is increasing in profitability as the previous view that it was a rather risky investment fades rapidly. The stability of the region has been seen to improve with the rise of popular or populist governments. To the savvy investor this can only signal the potential increase in the value of property in Brazil."

If you are looking to invest in Brazil, it is worth thinking carefully about how you will send money abroad. There are many different options available, so you need to compare the market beforehand to ensure you get the best deal when it comes to transferring money abroad.

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Brazilian property continues to attract investors

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