Which bank is offering the best exchange rates

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Do you ever go on to comparison websites and wonder if you are really getting the best rate and how much can you really save compared to your high street bank?

Use the money transfer table below it will show you what you would get based on several of the top banks and what those banks will offer in exchange rate.

With so many companies to choose from how do you choose which one to use? Consider how safe your money will be and is the company FSA registered and authorised. Is your money kept in a client fund account separate from the companies business trading money.

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Options to Send Money Internationally

A major consumer money transfers are related to the purchase of a property abroad which will call for the need of a transfer of substantial amount of money in to a different currency. Besides purchasing property deals, some people need to send money internationally to pay for a child's education or to support family members residing abroad. Till the early 1990s it was a complex, time consuming and cumbersome process to send money overseas. But now with internet banking facilities and other money transfer services in United Kingdom, it has become rather easy to send money online from UK. You can easily send money from UK to your family or for a business deal in Australia, India, Spain, UAE, Japan, or any other country.

You can send money online from UK through bank wire transfers, through direct transfer of funds from one to another account in same bank and also through online money orders.

You can also send money worldwide from UK through bank wire transfer or telegraphic transfer and the payments are very certain because banks only send money when you have available funds. Also, it is difficult for the sender to pull the money back. When you send money overseas through bank wire transfer, the transferred amount is considered cleared immediately as it is received by the intended beneficiary.

Money orders are also helpful tools to send money internationally. These are prepaid negotiable documents purchased in order to send money to an individual or an organisation. They can be issued to pay bills, obtain goods / services or to send money to any individual abroad. You can send money worldwide through a money order. Money orders are characteristically non-interest-bearing payment instruments and can be cashed quickly. As the amounts are prepaid, money order is considered a secure way to send money abroad.

Need to send money now? Check out the bank foreign exchange rates above:

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Which bank is offering the best exchange rates

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