What is the Barclays Bank US Dollar Currency Transfer Exchange Rate

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Barclays Bank, one of the worlds leading banks in terms of client base offers international currency transfers. The bank offers this option for local and international transfers to over ninety countries spread across the globe and in different continents. This has come at a time when the world is seen to be getting smaller, the option is expected to benefit thousands of its business and international clients in terms of the ease of doing business across the globe. The bank charges a small fee to transfer money throughout the globe in a convenient and reliable manner. The fee is also applicable to clients who may receive an extra charge in some receiving banks as a processing fee. The charges, in this case, are a small price to pay as compared to the efficiency of the money transferring process.

The funds are able to be transferred under different categories depending on an individual or corporate clients preference. The fund's transfer option fall under three categories namely as standard transfer payments, priority transfer payments or single Euro payments area credit transfer also referred to as(SEPA). The standard payments are expected to take between three to four working days for funds transferred to Europe and North America, while they are expected to take about eight working days for countries located in the rest of the world. Under the priority payments option, the funds transferred are expected to take between one to three working days in Europe and North America while taking about seven working days for countries located in other areas of the world. The different options also do attract different charges with priority payments being more than the standard payments.

Another option available under the international funds transfers option is the single Euro payments area credit transfer also referred to as (SEPA). In this case, clients can convert their United States dollar currency into Euros which are the transferred directly into recipients bank account number. This option is only available for receipt ants whose bank accounts are located in European countries. There are two essential requirements for using this service which is known the recipient's international bank account number commonly known as IBAN in banking terms and SWIFT bank identifier code is commonly known as BIC in banking terms. This method has a major advantage of the recipient receiving their payment within one working day and in some cases, two depending on what time of the day the money the transfer process was made.

One should take note of a few things before making a transaction to prevent additional time being spent amending a transaction or trying to get funds refunded after making a transfer to a wrong bank account. This includes confirming a few details with the recipient such as their full names, an account number for local banks and IBAN for international transfers, WIFTBIC for the payees bank while making international transfers or domestic routing codes for local transfers and in some cases payees bank address. It should be noted that some countries require further details which can easily be confirmed by the receipt ant who can clarify on any additional information needed. The bank can also cancel transfers made at an extra fee to the transferred, while also confirming recipients details also at an extra fee to the client.

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