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Sharemoney Forex Trading Review - Forex Trade Account

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Sharemoney Review? Sharemoney is the best way to send money online from the United States to other foreign countries. Also, this efficient online money transfer service is launched in 2014 by the Omnex Group, Inc. which has more than 25 years of experience and handles over $1 billion in transactions annually. Sharemoney aims to extend Omnex's mission and bring the convenience and affordability of online money transfers to all migrant households in the United States.

Countries that Sharemoney Currently Serves

• Brazil
• The Dominican Republic
• Guatemala
• The Philippines
• Vietnam

ShareMoney Review
In addition, New countries across Central America will soon be launched which include Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru and more.

So here are the top features that Sharemoney Offers including free trading account.

• Low money transfer fees: There are no hidden fees and users will be charged only a small fee starting from $2.99.

• Competitive currency exchange rates: We benchmark our rates against the biggest money transfer providers in the market and we always aim to offer a better currency exchange rate against theirs

• Safe and speedy money transfers: We built our website using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts all the personal information of our users. Money transfers can take as little as 2 minutes to complete

• Extensive payer network: We have a strong network of industry partners in all the countries we serve to allow our users to send remittances easily and for the recipients to receive money conveniently

• User tracking: With the Money Transfer Number (MTN) given for every transaction. Also, both the sender and the recipient can use our Money Tracker to know the status of the money transfer transaction.

Sharemoney Forex Trading

How to Send Money to Sharemoney?

First, users can create a free account on. Next, you have to complete the verification phase of your phone number and email address. Once done, you're ready to start sending money to Sharemoney.

Simply select the destination country you want to send the money to, enter the amount you want to transfer and check the small fee accorded to your transaction. Next, choose the payment method you want to fund the transaction with. This includes three choices: debit card payment, credit card payment and bank account payment.

You can choose how the recipient receives the funds which include via bank deposit, cask pickup and door-to-door home delivery. The time for each type of delivery method varies. And show the information as you make the selection. At least one of these delivery methods is available in each country where Sharemoney operates. Please visit the page for your recipient's country to see what delivery options are available for it.

Once payment method is accepted and given a Money Transfer Number (MTN). Consequently, Which you can use to check the status of your funds through the Sharemoney Money Tracker. You can also give the MTN to your recipient where they can check on the

Sharemoney Forex Trade Broker
Most of all, Try Sharemoney Today! It is evident that Sharemoney is the cheapest, safest, and a most affordable way for you to send a remittance from the US to the selected countries. Furthermore, Try Sharemoney today and experience convenience online like never before!

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