Trying A Different Holiday Destination and Foreign Currencies

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During the summer season, thousands of people are booking and planning holidays abroad. The problem we are all facing though, is exchange rates. With all the financial problems here and economy problems there, people are not getting as much return on their precious pounds. There is no better example than on the Euro, which at the moment is holding around the €1.15 mark. Some way off of the €1.5 rate we used to enjoy (though it was a while ago now!). The US dollar is also a tricky customer, with exchange rates again not appealing to a lot of UK-based tourists. We all know the reasons why, but why should we suffer?

Going global is becoming more and more popular with UK tourists, and we think it's probably got something to do with the exchange rates for slightly obscurer destinations. The Egyptian dollar and the Turkish Lira offer particularly appealing exchange rates, with the pound rising some 20% against those currencies. Other destinations which are appealing to British tourists at the moment stretch further east, such as Thailand and Malaysia, also popular we a lot of Australian tourists too, we hear! This is because the exchange rates benefit the pound, and lets face it, us Brits are always tempted by a bargain!

The trick of the trade is to shop for your exchange rates before you go. You wouldn't buy your flip-flops or swimming shorts on the day you fly, so why leave it so late to exchange your money?! Again, there is a lot of things to consider when exchanging your currency, but first and foremost, is how much actual money are you going to get? Most places charge a commission or a service charge, so be careful to read in to what you are buying, and make sure you are aware of all of the costs involved. For a better deal though, consider contacting a foreign exchange broker to see what kind of deal is possible with them. RationalFX offer a brilliant deal as they make their money from the currency, not you! There are no service charges, handling fees or commission and their friendly team can let you know exactly how much currency you will be getting, how much it will cost and then even deliver it to you! Check out the latest exchange rates or register with them to save some time when the holiday panic ensues!

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Trying A Different Holiday Destination and Foreign Currencies

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