Things to consider when moving to Australia

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There are many reasons for wanting to relocate to Australia. Whether it is the weather, the atmosphere, or even just for a job opportunity, you need to consider as much as you can, speak to the right people and plan ahead to make the most informed decision possible.

One thing you need to consider is the length of your stay. It is well known that migrating to Australia can be tricky, and no doubt takes a long time. The common options available are whether to go for a short-term and work whilst you are over there, or whether you are planning to up sticks and move there for good (if you can!). This is vitally important as there are many things to consider, such as whether you will rent or potentially buy a property, will you work or start a business? How much money will you need initially? All of which need to be carefully considered.

Registering with a foreign exchange broker can be extremely beneficial to you as a customer when you are considering migrating. The benefit to you to get it out of the way early is that you will save a lot of time when the crunch time nears, and there is potential for you to get a better deal on exchange rates in the lead up to your departure. If you have set the train in motion and have already begun arranging to go to Australia, or have a solid plan, consider arranging a currency exchange rate alert for Australian dollars. You can enter the rate that you are hoping to get and if the pound gains some strength (or the Aussie dollar weakens), it should make the exchange rate perk up a little and benefit you!

If you will be moving your finances over to an Australian bank account slowly, but regularly, be careful about how you go about it. In many cases, making regular transactions through a bank or money exchange agency/bureau can incur individual service charges or handling fees which severely curb the value for money you will get. Using a foreign exchange broker for regular payments will also benefit you here as they don't make their money from you personally. They bulk buy currency and get a good deal that way, so when you exchange your pounds with them, it often comes at a very good rate. Using a company like RationalFX also saves you money, as they also offer currency exchanges with no commission or service charges added on, so they can let you know exactly how much you get for your pounds, with no hidden small print!

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Things to consider when moving to Australia

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