Studying Abroad and Transferring Your Money For Student Life

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Many young people from the UK have considered going to study abroad, joining the hundreds of thousands of students already enjoying their time there and the numbers for both of those is likely to increase now that the new fee system has been established here in the UK, starting in the next academic year (2012-13). Potentially, it could even inhibit the number of students attending university in the UK at all. If you are one of those before you make your decision on possibly skipping university and heading straight into the world of work, take some time to assess your options as moving to study abroad may not be as impractical as you might first think.

The most important consideration: MONEY!

Up to £9,000 per academic year (depending on the university) on tuition fees alone is scaring people off. We know that you want to save as much money as you can, so let's go through some important money saving steps you can take if studying abroad appeals to you.

- European Union nations can offer the same university degree at a significantly cheaper price and there are also many different countries that offer significant benefits to you as a student and moving to study there. Check out the <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="UK Council for International Student Affairs" target="_blank">UK Council for International Student Affairs</a> for more information on what potential financial help may be available to you.
- <a href="" title="Paying tuition fees to universities">Paying tuition fees to universities</a> in foreign countries can be expensive. Try and save as much money as you can when paying them because remember exchange rates, charges and commission is included when transferring money from your bank! Try using a foreign exchange company like RationalFX. They are <a href="" title="authorised by the FSA across the European Union">authorised by the FSA across the European Union</a> and can offer you money transfers to most countries worldwide often at better exchange rates than anywhere else and they don't charge service fees or handling charges and never deduct commission. They are able to do this because they make their money from bulk buying currency, NOT from extra fees from you!
- RationalFX can also assist you if you are <a href="" title="transferring money from the UK in regular installments">transferring money from the UK in regular installments</a>. Maybe a relative is assisting you with your studies abroad, or maybe you are lucky enough to be being paid to study there! You can arrange a regular payment plan which saves huge amounts of time when compared to making an individual transaction. Again there are no service or handling charges, as well as no commission so it is well worth having a look at!

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Studying Abroad and Transferring Your Money For Student Life

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