Sending Money to Thailand and Retiring to Chiang-Mai

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Thailand is becoming more and more popular with expatriate retirees due to the exotic weather, low cost of living, delicious food, cheap health care and mesmerising culture. Just like in any other country in the world, living in the big capital cities can be more expensive for day-to-day living, higher property buying or rental prices and can also be a lot more busy, with a slightly increased population density. Whether it is the floating markets, elephant rides or wonderful beaches that lure you to the shores of Thailand, make sure you get the right information to save time any money when retiring to Thailand.

Thailand's infrastructure is generally stable, with a stable economy and currency, the Thai Baht, as well as having modern cities, retail outlets, airports and transport. Health care is generally very cheap, whilst maintaining a high standard. We know some people can be concerned at the state of the health care system in some place when they are retiring, and that health costs do impact on the choices made by retirees. Many Thai doctors and medical staff learn their trade in Western medical schools and facilities and treatment and medical insurance is said to be less than half of the price of that in a western nations such as the UK or America.

Chiang Mai has a population of around 170, 000, but receives between 1-2million foreign tourists each year. The city has a large expat population as it combines the culture and tradition of Thailand with modernism and relaxation, and is much more low-key than a city like Bangkok.

The exchange rates for the Thai Baht are extremely stable at the moment with an average return of between 47 and 50 Baht to the British Pound, with the outlook not expected to either rise or gain too much without any unforeseen circumstances. When retiring to Thailand, it can be easy to transfer your finances over there. Try and save some money on the commission and service charges when transferring your money to Thailand by using a foreign exchange broker, who are usually the cheapest and most efficient option when transferring a lot of money.

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Sending Money to Thailand and Retiring to Chiang-Mai

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